Watch This Volkswagen Bus Dragster Do a Wheelie

It is not often you spot a vintage VW Bus get on  wheels. as a minimum, not deliberately. when a person mentions the Volkswagen Bus, the primary issue that usually pops to mind (for me, anyway) is the lovely air-cooled, rear-engine '60s van that collectors fawn over. properly, this Volkswagen Bus is a little distinct.

This Volkswagen Bus is a drag-racing creation from BJ's Speedshop of East Sussex inside the united kingdom, nicknamed "Early Bay." in the beginning sold new in Pennsylvania, it sports a 2442cc air-cooled flat-4, a roll cage, and proper drag-racing slicks. Oh, and if you have not already observed, it has an exhaust pipe so long as a baseball bat.

Who stated Volkswagen Microbuses had been handiest for hippies?
This 1,700-horsepower VW Microbus-primarily based dragster is called intellectual Breakdown, likely because simplest someone with psychological problems might ever think of constructing this type of monster. It seems like a person grafted the front 1/2 of a VW Bus onto a top gasoline dragster.
The Volkswagen the front give up and the large engine, drag slicks, and rear wing in the back of it make for quite the juxtaposition. while it may look outrageous, the VW Bus layout probable doesn’t assist this dragster inside the area of aerodynamics. With so much frontal place, it’s probably about as aerodynamic as a residence, notes velocity Society. but 1,700 hp can address that.
within the video above, intellectual Breakdown turns in a 7.6-2d area-mile time at 182 mph on the U.okay.’s Santa Pod Raceway. not terrible for a car that, in inventory form, has a recognition for leisurely acceleration. With its wellknown-problem flat-4 engine, the Microbus became by no means mistaken for a race vehicle. intellectual Breakdown runs an eight.four-liter supercharged Hemi V8, fueled by methanol.
Volkswagen is thinking about bringing lower back the Microbus, that is one in all its maximum iconic models. but the automaker goes within the opposite course of a hearth-breathing dragster. The current Budd-e and i.D. Buzz principles each blended present day variations of the Microbus styling with electric powered powertrains. Volkswagen hopes to promote 1 million electric motors consistent with year with the aid of 2025, and a new Microbus could be a part of that mix.
both ideas utilized VW’s new MEB platform for compact electric powered motors, which turned into designed to deal with a spread of various model sorts, together with the I.D. hatchback and i.D. Crozz crossover ideas Volkswagen has additionally displayed at recent auto shows. MEB places the battery % in the floor and electric powered motors at one or both axles, for optimum space performance. but

can it accommodate huge drag slicks?
a few days in the past, we stated that VW will carry a new incarnation of the well-known Bus to the world, with the employer presently evaluating one-of-a-kind options for the assignment.

nowadays, we determined to provide you a bit of bus-associated news that takes things to an entire new stage. allow’s introduce this as a riddle: it’s a hippie’s dream, it’s a racer’s myth, it makes use of a Volkswagen badge and, in theory, it need to be a awesome hauling gadget.

adequate, we’ll provide you with a bit time to assume... Drum rolls... women and Racermen we provide you with the mental Breakdown. that is no funny story, what you’ve just examine is the name used for a 1,700 hp Volkswagen Bus Dragster that was brought to the world through Wayne Allman. in case you were thinking, the system comes from the United Kingdom. The mission is based on a 1965 VW Bus. the driver’s cabin is the best part of the frame that has been left in place.

The dragster makes use of a tubular chassis and is powered by using a 8.four liter Keith Black V8 unit that runs on methanol and uses supercharging to provide no much less than 1,700 hp.

The list of goodies includes a special outsized wing established on a tubular structure, two parachutes that carry an ultra-high stage of preventing power, a special yellow caution mild, as nicely particular drag racing tires.

The loopy device, that is an ideal instance of “ardour conquers all” may be showcased at the approaching Essen Motor show.
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