A new technology for managing seals

Our precise design philosophy allows us tackle sealing era challenges:
Sealing era is on the core modern day all stress and waft manage era. Engineered seal designs and substances are essential to the integrity and functionality ultra-modern a whole lot brand new the device utilized in our enterprise, which include BOPs, floor and subsea wellheads and bushes, tubing hangers, subsea manifolds, valve bodies, seats and stem packings, and greater.
The specific Cameron design philosophy and our engineering and research know-how assist deal with new sealing demanding situations as the enterprise movements into deeper, harsher, and greater corrosive environments with better pressures and temperatures. for example, our wellhead seals ought to isolate present day higher-pressure zones and seals in valves and chokes utilized in hydraulic fracturing ought to maintain integrity inside the now trendy high-depth operations.

a completely unique sealing design philosophy and enjoy base
Cameron leverages revel in with elastomer compounds and metal seal layout, in addition to ongoing R&D across all Schlumberger, to develop sturdy, technologically advanced seals in committed facilities global, together with the united states, uk, and Singapore.
Our design philosophy is predicated on five key elements.

layout standards: we have built a toolbox ultra-modern layout tools based totally at the information gained via an in depth records state-of-the-art trying out seals and seal materials.
research: Our check records is nicely documented, and this know-how modern-day seals and seal fabric checking out is drawn upon to make sure we continue to elevate the bar on our sealing overall performance.
Mathematical models:
We leverage our mathematical models to extend our sealing abilties to new frontiers. as soon as the new seals are tested, the facts are fed back into the fashions to continuously improve destiny evaluation.
Seal optimization: with the aid of evaluating seal layout parameters as they pertain to exclusive environments to which the seals are uncovered, we optimize our seals to perform at the best degree for each application.

design modern-day check: further to seal qualification testing, we carry out exams to evaluate overall performance variations in seals and seal substances based totally on modifications in layout parameters and to discover the working limits latest our seals. most modern day our seals for surface programs meet or exceed API 6A Annex F requirements.
Sealing era sorts
Cameron produces a huge variety contemporary device to govern, degree, direct, and manner pressures and flows during drilling operations, oil and fuel manufacturing, and different intermediate and associated strategies.
Elastomers are used in cutting-edge extraordinary ultra-modern seals, including O-rings, S seals, P seals, metal cease cap (MEC) seals, ram packers, and annular packers. Elastomers are suitable for a extensive range present day process situations and are compatible with maximum oil and gas method fluids. They paintings by using being squeezed among two sealing surfaces, forming a barrier for the remoted fluid.
The elastic houses trendy elastomers permit them to stay effective in packages in which the surroundings is changing or whilst the sealing surface is damaged, and they may be cutting-edge used as a primary seal or as a backup to a mechanical seal.
Mechanical seals together with Cameron SRL and CANH seals are used in the most intense applications. those seals depend upon mechanical interference contemporary steel additives and are appropriate for a extensive variety ultra-modern temperatures and pressures. they're typically set hydraulically with subject tooling.

A international effort
Sealing era is foundational to Cameron industry-main device. because the unique equipment producer (OEM), we can design seals to the precise specifications modern-day our structures, for this reason making sure a higher-great, extra dependable, and repeatable seal.
specialized technical personnel international help to deal with nearby and international sealing era requirements. Our engineers and scientists use 49a2d564f1275e1c4e633abc331547db system to expand world-magnificence compounds. New seal designs are evaluated on Cameron system at extreme pressures and temperatures in our check centers. further, collaboration throughout all Schlumberger leverages the sphere enjoy trendy the most important provider company inside the enterprise, enables quite powerful joint technology tasks with clients, and prioritizes studies and engineering efforts.
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